See this Video to show students how they should be signing into the Zoom App


If you are using the Zoom app on a Chromebook rather than the website, you may need to log in there directly. If you are using the app and getting an "internal users only" error message, this is likely why.  

1) Open the Zoom app by clicking the Zoom icon on the menu bar or access via the launcher (the circle).

2) At the PSD 'User Login' screen - Use your Student ID number for the username, and district password for the password. Check Remember me and then click 'Login'.

3) You should now be signed into the Zoom Chromebook App.

4) The app should now have your child's name or ID in the upper corner.

Then try logging onto a Zoom meeting using the link or the Meeting ID/Password provided by the teacher.

Here is an example video showing a student successfully logging in via the Chrome App for Zoom:

If you are on a personal device and do not have the Zoom app, please see the Website Instructions:

  1. Login to the PSD portal with your student ID & password.
  2. Click on the Zoom Meetings icon on the student portal.
  3. You may be prompted for an id & password, use the same student ID & password.
  4. Then the student can go to their Schoology course and click on the Zoom link.


  1. You will start at this screen. Tap ‘Sign In’ in the bottom right corner:

  2. At this Sign In screen, tap ‘SSO’ from the list of available options.

3) At the 'Sign In with SSO' screen - type psd401 and then tap go

4) At this PSD User Login page, for Username, use your Student ID number. Password is your regular district password. Then tap 'Login'

5) It will open up a Zoom webpage in Safari. Simply tap 'Open' when prompted:

6) You should now be logged in and see your initials in the top left corner: