What is Chrome?

Chrome is a fast, simple and secure web browser, available for free on any computer. Also you can use Chrome web browser on your mobile devices. Best of all, sign in to sync your Chrome browser experience from your computer to any of your mobile devices bring it with you anywhere you go.

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are fast, portable computers that give students access to the web's rich educational tools and resources. They run Chrome OS, an operating system from Google. Students can share a single Chromebook, yet have a personal experience just by signing in.

Why would I sign into Chrome?

You can sign in on both the Chrome browser on a computer or you can sign into the Chrome OS on a Chromebook. If you sign into Chrome then all your settings, bookmarks, tab, extensions, and Apps are synced and therefore shared between devices. This way they are always available to you anywhere and on any device.

Is this the same as my Google Login?

Yes, you have a login to the Portal and then the same login for Google Apps and Chrome (which is also Google). The Portal login is your username and district password. Your Google login is your username@edtools.psd401.net and your same district password.